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About Us

 The tag line “The best little music shop in the Milky Way” has been born out over the years with our customer feed back and the support we receive from the general community.  Magpie Music is a major sponsor or supporter of many projects or functions throughout the Bega Valley.  From humble beginnings on August 8,  1988 in lower Carp Street to the two storey building in Auckland Street, Magpie Music has developed, and continues to evolve with current trends and practices.

When the business changed hands in 2006 the new magpie-rainbow3.jpgowners had a strong conviction that music has to be as accessible to everyone as we can make it. From babies to right through to our elderly we can all benefit from either listening to, or creating music for pleasure or leisure, or if inclined to making a living from it. It certainly give us great pleasure and pride to see so many of our young musos succeeding in life with their music.

Magpie Music is a multi-faceted store.There are several departments as follows:

School Of Music

Our upstairs School Of Music has twelve teaching studios and we currently have 16 teachers teaching the full range of Orchestral instruments – woodwind, brass, strings (except Cello and double bass) and percussion. As well, vocal studies, ukulele, mandolin, theory, all guitar styles/types, piano/keyboard and recording are covered. The teachers all have current Working With Children checks and students from a young beginner (or a mature beginner) to advanced are catered for. That many of our students have gone on to university and included music in their studies is testament to the enthusiasm of the teachers and the student’s level of success. For other university students, they use their music as a means to relax and ‘chill’ when the going is a little tougher.

We believe the School Of Music is an extremely valuable part of Magpie as it fits with our determination to make music available to as many people as possible.  Music has so many benefits for all people of all ages.

Retail Store


Below the School Of Music is the ‘shop’. We supply a wide range of musical equipment and instruments with our most popular line being guitars (particularly acoustics). Ukuleles are also well supported as are keyboards/pianos and drums. In the ‘amp room’ there are bass, electric and acoustic amps to choose from which suit the needs of most customers. Our stocks of sheet music are quite considerable


Whilst many record and CD stores have closed, these still form an important part of Magpie’s business.  The support for records has grown considerably in the last three years with the majority of new releases now having an equivalent record along with the CD. We specialise in finding hard-to-get discs through our access to very good suppliers. Though not as convenient as downloading, it is always nice to have the original artwork and cover information and if your storage device ever gets lost/crashes,  it’s easy to re-load the CD on to your computer.

 Home Theatre

Magpie Music has access to very good quality home theatre products.  From good stereo to 7.1 surround sound we can advise on the best possible solution for your home theatre needs, and then take care of the installation if you so desire. For larger projects we also take care of overhead projectors and screens.  These can be free standing or wall mounted. If considering having some sort of home theatre or sound throughout a house, it is best to have the wiring done before the gyprock goes on. Wall plates can then be added later on.

Hire Department

hire-room1.jpgMagpie Music has all your party and sound needs covered.  From lights, disco balls, amps & speakers, fog machine, karaoke to the large full band set-up we can assist.  If you need a sound engineer as well we have that covered. He is available through negotiation. Where the equipment is being used in a remote location  with a generator we insist on the customer running through a power board with a ‘kill’ switch.  For smaller occasions such as weddings down the beach we have a portable sound system with a wireless microphone.





 Online Store

Access to our online store is through our web site The instruments, accessories and all other products are available both instore– try before you buy – and online.The same warranties apply to both while the online store also has a 30 day return policy.       

Second Hand

Magpie Music will take certain musical equipment/instruments on consignment. Even though some of these are on our website, they are not available to buy online – only in-store.  We take consignment goods after negotiation with the owner. Until they are sold they remain the property of the owner.   

 Magpie Music is located at 125 Auckland Street,  Bega, NSW, 2550

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