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  • Rode SC2 3.5mm Trs Patch Cable For Iphone


    Rode SC2 3.5mm Trs Patch Cable For Iphone

    The SC2 is a high-quality shielded 3.5mm TRS patch cable.The cable extends from 170mm to up to 400mm, and features right-angle connectors for ergonomic use.It is ideal for connecting the output of an Apple iPhone using a RØDE i-XY microphone to a...

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  • Rode SC4 TRS Female To TRRS Male Adaptor


    Rode SC4 TRS Female To TRRS Male Adaptor

    The SC4 is a high-quality shielded adaptor, designed to allow microphones with a 3.5mm output to connect to TRRS smartphones and tablets. This is ideal for users wanting to connect their RØDE VideoMic to their iPhone, and record using the...

  • RODE

    Rode SM4 Boompole / Mic Stand Shock Mount

    The SM4 suspension shock mount gives you the ability to isolate the microphone from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone. The SM4 attaches to any 3/8" or 5/8" threaded microphone stand. ...

  • Rode Stereo Bar


    Rode Stereo Bar

    The RØDE Stereo Bar is a robust solution for mounting two microphones in a stereo array. With clearly marked spacing of up to 20cm, as well as angle and measurement indicators for ORTF and XY positioning, the RØDE Stereo Bar makes it...

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