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Aquila Perla Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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Aquila Perla classical strings are the ecologically sustainable choice for classical strings. The first three strings are made from Aquila's new nylon creation Bionylon. These strings are 67% plant derived which means 40% less carbon dioxide emissions are released into the atmosphere during polymer synethis. The three bass strings are wound with high quality silver plated copper wrapped around an new Nylgut core that resists high tensile stress and provide low moisture absorbtion for consistant intonation under almost any circumstance. Almost every other brand of classical strings use nylon from a company called DuPont. Aquila have made their own here and are rumoured to have more responsive clarity and low end.

Just like their ukulele strings, the Aquila Perla classical string set provide smooth, rounded high's and superior bass response.

Try them today and bring your guitar to life. 


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