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Australian Live Music Worth Over $1B

Posted by Keith Broomfield on 6th Oct 2017

Question : How many people reading this attended a live performance in 2016? Did you pay for it (buy a ticket), or was it free?

Magpie Music has always been extremely supportive of the Arts generally, and the Performing Arts especially. An excellent example of this the number of students from our Magpie School of Music who either really enjoy their music-making, or are making a career from it.

On a national scale support for the arts is somewhat piecemeal, and is an easy target for governments to “trim” funding, despite the need for our various artists to participate in a ‘meaningful way’, rather than just trying to survive.

The principle body keeping data on this is Live Performance Australia – the peak body for the Live Performance industry, which is a most significant part of the arts and performing arts in Australia. It celebrates its centenary this year (founded in 1917) and is registered as an Employers’ Organisation under the Fair Work Act 2009.

Live Performance Australia released its Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey for 2016.Overall $1.43 billion revenue across 18.78 million tickets (of which 17.09 million were paid for), this despite an average 3% decrease in the average cost of tickets.

“These figures underscore the economic and cultural value of the live performance industry more millions of Australians”, LPA CEO Evelyn Richardson said is a statement.

She makes the case for greater support for the live performance industry in Australia, rather than the reduced investment as is currently the case. The industry employs more than 34000 people, generates significant economic activity and enriches the lives of millions of Australians.

Back to the second part of the original question. There are many free events on the Far South Coast which is probably consistent across Australia. There are some astonishingly good buskers plying their talents for free, unless you ‘chip in’ to help them out. We need to encourage governments (local, state and federal) to accept the role to better support the Live Performance Industry rather than decreasing support. If you are inclined we would ask for your support by contacting your local state or Federal member and asking them to increase support for the arts.

In the Bega Valley our local State member is Andrew Constance

Our local Federal member for Eden Monaro is Dr Mike Kelly

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