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History Of Magpie Music

31st Jul 2014

On August 8th this year, Magpie Music celebrated its 25th birthday. On the 8-8-88, ex school teacher Tony Haid first opened the doors of the small and modest music shop in lower Carp Street, Bega.

Initially a one-man operation, Magpie grew to include Tony’s wife, Marianne, and soon employed several full and part-time staff members.

Tony and Marianne saw a need for musical tuition in the area and co-ordinated lessons between students and teachers in several rented studios in the Bega area.

As the store’s customer base grew, so too did the range of products, and soon Magpie’s shop front and floor space became increasingly crowded.

Tony and Marianne began the Magpie Entertainment Agency, a booking agency for local music acts. This provided new performance opportunities for the large – and still growing – number of students and performers their music lessons were producing.

In 1990, the store became a member of the World of Music group with several other independently owned music stores on the NSW coast. This increased buying power and allowed for better prices and variety in-store.

The reponsibilities of the store demanded more of Tony’s time, thus he sold the Magpie Entertainment agency in 1998 to a separate operator who kept the name. It continued to operate until 2009.

In 2000, Tony and Marianne re-located the store to its current Auckland Street premises.

The range of musical instruments, CD’s and print music fit comfortably and could continue to expand, while 11 studios were built on the store’s second storey for the students and teachers. This was the ‘official opening’ of the Magpie School of Music, which now has 12 well equipped teaching studios and nineteen teachers

After 17 years of running Magpie Music, 2006 saw Tony and Marianne sell the store to local music teacher Keith Broomfield and his wife Liz. Three full-time and one permanent part-time staff now provide that reputable Magpie customer service.

Soon after the takeover, Magpie Music became a member of Complete Music along with other music stores Australia-wide. Their buying power and catalogue specials have never been stronger, with a customer base that encompasses the entire Bega Valley and stretches to Batemans bay in the north, Orbost in the south and Berridale to the west.

Keith and Liz place a major focus on the benefits of learning and playing an instrument, while also broadening the musical horizons of many with their range of instruments, home entertainment systems, CD’s, DVD’s and print music. Magpie Music also provides an excellent resource for tailor made home theatre and entertainment installations, offering up to date Bluray and all other sound solutions. Many homes, churches, schools and public halls have benefited from our expertise. 

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