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iRig Keys I/O Portable All In One Midi Controller And Audio Interface.

Posted by Michael Barton on 18th Aug 2017

iRig Keys I/O "all-in-one music production station"

With a host of new tech gadgets and audio equipment / contraptions that are released by a myriad of brands and manufacturers each year it can be difficult to get excited about just one upcoming piece of gear. However at Magpie Music we are always hunting and sifting for the latest and greatest new products and today a new video from IK Multimedia hinting at a new "all-in one music production station" they are working on has come under our radar, and yes we are super excited and grinning with anticipation!

Here's the preview video:

What we've heard so far:

  • The iRig Keys I/O combines either a 25 or 49 full size, velocity sensitive key midi controller and an audio interface in an ultra portable package and may be battery operated
  • 8 touch sensitive RGB LED backlit pads for making unbeatable drum patterns. 
  • CapSense touch sliders and buttons and the rotary controllers are touch sensitive
  • 24bit / 96kHz audio interface with Neutrik combo XLR/ Jack inputs with phantom power
  • the iRig Keys I/O is apparently shipping with the full version of Sample Tank 3.

So basically its a portable conglomeration of the iRig Keys pro, iRig HD, iRig Pro and iRig Pre plus pads and controllers all in one. So if you let your mind just think for a minute about the endless creative possibilities and applications of iRig Keys I/O you are sure to be as excited as we are. 

Think of producing an entire song down by the lake in the quiet or on the bus or train on the commute home from work. All wires and cables are down to an absolute minimum with the iRig Keys I/O.

Magpie Music unfortunately does not have an ETA nor an estimated RRP at present. The video above does suggest that the release date will be 24-8-17 but we might not see it in Australia for quiet some months just yet. So hang in there and call us on 0264923533 or email us if you are thinking about pre ordering one.  

Our forward orders will be going in as soon as possible. So you might be on the list to be some of the first in Australia to get your hands on the iRig Keys I/O.

Here's a video we found of the iRig Keys I/O being released a NAMM 2017 and it is the best look at the product that we can find so far. However the catch is that its all in Japanese. Apologies :-)

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