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Top 5 Best Sellers list for 2017

Top 5 Best Sellers list for 2017

Posted by Michael Barton on 3rd Jan 2018

I always get a kick out of writing the best sellers round up for the year. It's so interesting to see what new tech is trending or maybe the surprise of some of the tried and trusted products that every musician should never be without hits the best sellers list. 

I'm a tech head myself, I just love new toys and gadgets. 2017 gave us some truly innovative musical instruments and accessories. One of the companies really moving in the right direction and fast is IK Multimedia. Though not on the best sellers list, this year,  its because not just any single one of their products was the "best", they all were!

IK Multimedia make accessories and interfaces predominantly for mobile music creation. They have a huge range of products like phone and tablet interfaces and keyboard controllers, stands and holders and a massive amount of software for IOS / PC/ MAC. They truly deserve a mention here though not exactly part of the list. See our range here

Best Sellers

No 5 

SHURE SRH240 Headphones

Just the right price and excellent quality audio, light weight and comfortable. Shure have got it all just right in these neat over ear headphones. Perfectly capable to deliver HQ audio in most situations such as HIFI, mixing, tracking and travelling. 


No 4

The Boss RC3

They're just a proven ol' favourite! The RC3 appeals to many because of its huge storage drive with, up to 3 hours recording time and storage space for 99 loops. The RC3 are affordable and meet the demands of most applications be it at home, in the studio or on the road. Did we mention that they're built like tanks! 


No 3

Mano Percussion Cajon MP985

Ok, so its rare to have a Cajon on the top sellers list right? Well I am here to tell you such its the case. We have sold a whole lot of them this year so our reports tell us. Now this could be that there is a real trend happening for Cajon's in recent years or that people are finding more applications for them such as acoustic gigs and duo setups, lowered volume from a typical drum set for smaller venues and the comfortable and "closer" atmosphere they can create for an audience. There is nothing like going and seeing a band and feeling like you will remember the night forever.   


No 2

Daddario EJ26

No surprises here I don't think. Daddario EJ26 are the players favourite. Well gauged for optimum playability and still keeping plenty of tone. There's not to many out there who don't fall in love with the EJ26's. Hence they are our Number 2 best seller.


No 1

Snark ST2

Did you guess it? The number one best seller again is from Snark. March 2017 saw the release of the Snark ST2 clip on tuner. This means that it topped the best sellers list in just 9 months but its easy to see why. Affordable, super bright, high res, full colour display that can be seen from any angle. Better battery life than ever before and a convenient price tag.


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