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Casio Grand Hybrid Digital Piano GP500 - Floor stock

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Free Casio Bench included (valued at $169)

Free Casio Piano Bench included (valued at $169)

The Casio Celviano GP500 Grand Hybrid presents with a beautiful glossy finish and legs with polished brass footings and the extra wide music rest positioned perfectly on top. All this for a  very reasonable price tag.

The sound created by the six carefully designed and placed speakers is truly immersive and captivating. This means that no matter what you are playing - from the built in orchestral accompaniments with 'you' playing the piano parts, to the tricky demi-semi quavers - the action allows very quick note repetition, clearly heard, whilst maintaining a true piano touch. One could only expect this from the full action and build based around the C. Bechstein D282 - considered a masterpiece in piano building world wide.

Features include:

Access to adjust the properties of the damper resonance, string resonance, open string resonance and aliquot resonance.

  • Action Sound System. Casio have captured even the mechanical sounds that a grand piano will make such as key on noise, key off noise, damper pedal noise and hammer noise. All of these settings are fully adjustable to your liking.
  • Grand Pedal System. Continuous sensing and detection of the position of the damper pedals enables the Casio Grand Hybrid pianos to "fine tune" the damping volume and note length depending on the degree of pedal depression.
  • Grand Acoustic System. Includes the adjustable lid simulator (closed lid, semi open lid and full open lid) and hall simulator.  
  • Volume Sync Equaliser. When the piano is played at low volume (lets say quiet playing at home) the EQ is compensated in the low end and high end resulting in a consistently pleasant playing experience regardless of where you set the volume.
  • Concert Play. Full orchestral accompaniment with 15 pieces of music built in and recorded perfectly. More can be downloaded at, and quickly imported via flash drive.   
  • Duet mode
  • Audio Recorder
  • Layer and Split
  • Auto Power Off
  • Midi Recorder
  • Music Library
  • And many more.

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