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Casio PX5S Digital Stage Piano

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  • Laney AH80 Multi Purpose Amplifier

The Casio PX5S Boasts the powerful AIR Sound Source engine that brings to life incredible realism, detail and expression for grand piano sounds. The Hex layer funtion lets you create almost any sound imaginable, you can layer upto 6 different sounds all under the one tone, plus so much more with hex layers. Every one of the 370 tones on the PX5S are customisable - you can adjust EQ on the fly. Adjust resonance, attact time and cutoff filter, as well as add chorus, reverb and delay with hands on knobs and faders - No scrolling through the file system in the setting menu anymore. Take a look at full features set here.

The Casio PX5S Comes with an SP-20 sustain pedal and CS-67BK wood stand.

Come in and test drive the Casio PX5S today. 

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