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Casio PX770 Digital Piano

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Casio PX770 Digital Piano. 

An outstanding choice for any piano player from beginner to advanced and a significant step up from its predecessors, the PX750 and the PX760(Magpie Music's best selling digital pianos for 2014-2017). With a host of new and improved features the PX770 is the logical choice for best performance vs best price. Noteworthy differences are: Better sound quality (which we didn't think was possible considering the outstanding quality of the earlier models) and also a far more logical layout of the keyboard settings & buttons.

The Casio PX770 has 88 tri sensor hammer action weighted keys and boasts the powerful AIR Sound engine, basically meaning that the piano tones on the PX770 are actual stereo sampled sounds of real grand pianos. 

Other feature include USB recording (direct to USB) meaning you can plug a simple USB flash drive into the from USB port and capture your performance in full stereo with the sampled grand piano sound of the PX770.

Midi in, out and thru via USB - Control any software or DAW and use the PX770 as a keyboard controller.

Digital effects library including reverb, chorus and brilliance and a full lesson feature using the 60 built in song library.

Another feature that is more than noteworthy is that the keys on the PX770 are designed to simulate a real ebony and ivory feel. No plastic feel here, just luxurious textured keys that emulate the touch of a grand piano keyboard. The exquisite detail in each key means no more finger slippage due to sweat, even after hours of extended play.

All Casio products purchased from Magpie Music are backed by a 5 year warranty.

Listen to the Casio PX770 Here:


The Px770 is available from Magpie Music in black or white.




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