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DI Boxes

  • dbx DB10 Passive Direct Injection Box

    dbx DB10 Passive Direct Injection Box

    dbx DB10 Passive DI Box There’s no messing around over at the dbx factory. The dbx DB10 Passive DI box sets the bar extremely high. It’s very hard to come across a DI box that can sound so good and yet the DB10 is very much an affordable...

  • Klark Teknik Active DI Box

    The KLARK TEKNIK DN100 Single Channel Active Direct Injection Box is designed to provide an extended dynamic range, lower noise floor and all the world-class audio performance you’d expect from KLARK TEKNIK. The DN100 is built to handle the rigours...

  • Leem DI Box

    Plug your Keyboards and guitars into a pa system with this quality DI box made by Leem. 6.5mm jack In and through Pad switch for excess level instruments Ground lift switch for taking out hums and buzz XLR output also 6.5mm jack phono link

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