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Digital Pianos

Magpie Music stocks a large range of Casio digital pianos.  With the new AiR sound engine and a ton of great features, Casio makes for the closest sound to an upright piano that we here at Magpie Music have experienced.   

  • Casio

    Casio CDP-130 Digital Piano

    Features Hall Button These pianos are equipped with an effect function that recreates the warm, rich acoustics of a concert hall. Your playing will have the visceral immediacy of a concert hall performance. AHL* sound...

    $749.00 $549.00
  • Casio

    Casio CDP230 Digital Piano

    Wonderful sound. Great realistic piano feel. Perfect for beginner wanting to step up to w3eighted keys and 88 notes.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   KEYBOARD   Number of Keys 88 Key Action Scaled Hammer Action Touch Sensitivity...

    Out of stock.
  • Casio

    Casio PX160

    Casio PX160 Digital Piano Available in Black or Gold. Casio's proprietary sound source, "AiR" (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) provides the grand piano sounds in the PX-160. Casio meticulously recorded the sound of a 9-foot concert grand at 4 dynamic...

    $999.00 $899.00
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  • Casio PX5S Digital Stage Piano


    Casio PX5S Digital Stage Piano

    The Casio PX5S Boasts the powerful AIR Sound Source engine that brings to life incredible realism, detail and expression for grand piano sounds. The Hex layer funtion lets you create almost any sound imaginable, you can layer upto 6 different sounds all...

    $1,699.00 $1,349.00
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  • Casio px770 digital piano


    Casio PX770 Digital Piano

    Casio PX770 Digital Piano.  An outstanding choice for any piano player from beginner to advanced and a significant step up from its predecessors, the PX750 and the PX760(Magpie Music's best selling digital pianos for 2014-2017). With a host of...

    Out of stock.
  • Casio

    Casio Grand Hybrid Digital Piano GP300 - Floor stock

    Free Casio Piano Bench included (valued at $169) The Casio Celviano GP300 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano has a matt black finish.  This contrasts with the polished finish of the GP500. People who want a more subdued looking piano may find this suitable...

    $4,999.00 $3,499.00
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