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Gifts For Piano / Keyboard Players

  • Casio CDP230 Digital Piano


    Casio CDP230 Digital Piano

    Wonderful sound. Great realistic piano feel. Perfect for beginner wanting to step up to w3eighted keys and 88 notes.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   KEYBOARD   Number of Keys 88 Key Action Scaled Hammer...

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  • Casio PX160


    Casio PX160

    Casio PX160 Digital Piano Available in Black or Gold. Casio's proprietary sound source, "AiR" (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) provides the grand piano sounds in the PX-160. Casio meticulously recorded the sound of a 9-foot concert grand at 4...

    $999.00 $899.00
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  • Casio PX5S Digital Stage Piano


    Casio PX5S Digital Stage Piano

    The Casio PX5S Boasts the powerful AIR Sound Source engine that brings to life incredible realism, detail and expression for grand piano sounds. The Hex layer funtion lets you create almost any sound imaginable, you can layer upto 6 different sounds all...

    $1,699.00 $1,349.00
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  • Casio px770 digital piano


    Casio PX770 Digital Piano

    Casio PX770 Digital Piano.  An outstanding choice for any piano player from beginner to advanced and a significant step up from its predecessors, the PX750 and the PX760(Magpie Music's best selling digital pianos for 2014-2017). With a host of...

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  • Casio WK240 (WK220)


    Casio WK240

    Casio WK240 offers sensational tones and voices and is a great keyboard for beginner and intermediate players of all styles.   Specifications Keyboard 76 piano-style keys Touch Response 2...

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  • Heavy Duty Orchestral Music Stand MST95


    Heavy Duty Orchestral Music Stand MST95

    Heavy Duty Orchestral Music Stand MST95 Heavy Duty Black Tubular Steel StandABS Leg HousingTrippod BaseHeight Adjustment BracketHeight 62-110cmSteel Desk 47.5cm (W) x 34cm (H)Adjustable Desk AngleFull colour display boxPerforated Steel Music Desk

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  • Keyboard Bench kt140


    Keyboard Stool kt140

    Keyboard stool. Professional heavy duty crossed leg style. 60L x 30W cm. Thick padded vinyl seat. Easy to adjust 4 position interlock height adjustment from 55 to 68cm.

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  • KS125c Keyboard Stand (ks125c)


    KS125c Keyboard Stand

    Keyboard stand X style flat 97 cm heavy duty. The KS125c Keyboard stands tough sturdy design ensures the best care for your keyboard. Manufacturer Features: Heavy Duty Inter-locking lever system Multi-position height adjustment Height-1 -...

    $49.99 $44.00
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  • Laney AH40 Multi Instrument Amplifier


    Laney AH40 Multi Instrument Amplifier

    The Laney Ah40 is a 40 watt  3 channel multi instrument amplifier. Plug almost any instrument or sound source in and you're good to go. features 3 channels with xlr and jack inputs and a 5 band graphic equaliser.   

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  • Music Stand Heavy Duty


    Music Stand Heavy Duty mst5

    The MST5 music stand by xTreme features heavy duty metal leg housing & hight adjustment bracket. Great for outdoor use or for heavy books. Steel desk 48cm (H) X 34cm (W). Adjustable desk angle. Height = 64-114cm

    $61.95 $59.00
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  • Nano Blocks Musical Instruments


    Nano Blocks Musical Instruments

    The must have gift for anyone who loves a challenge, puzzles, building and games! Nanoblocks are a Japanese invention based on the idea that the smaller the blocks the greater the detail. Nanoblocks completed models will fit in the palm of your hand...

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