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Mooer Ocean Machine. Delay, Reverb, Loop Multi FX Pedal

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Silky, creamy,  heavenly delays and reverbs with loop function all in one compact pedal. The real beauty is the hands on edit knobs that allow the user to quickly dial in things like more feed back on separate delays or more reverb decay, What every is needed in real time. 

The Mooer Ocean Machine is a Multi FX pedal with delays, reverbs and loop functions. The Ocean Machine is the Devin Townsend signature pedal. Mooer were the only company that was wild enough to take on making the sounds that Devin was looking for and attempt pull it off under his strict direction. However they have nailed it. The Mooer Ocean Machine has some of the most intense reverbs and delay chains that we've heard. If you are a fan of Devin Townsend you will know the distinct sounds from his recordings like this one that is being modelled.

Multiple setups that are available are even more reason to love this pedal. 

Use with a single amplifier or use twin amps to get a beautiful stereo effect, add an expression pedal and the real power of this pedal comes to life. 

Magpie Music are running the Mooer Ocean Machine at an introductory offer of $459 for a limited time. 


Main features

•    2 independent DELAYS with 15 different delay types, 0-2 seconds of delay time and optional ping pong effect

•    A high fidelity spacious REVERB with 9 different reverb types and shimmer effect

•    Programmable order of effects chain

•    Delay and Reverb freeze effect

•    Tap Tempo functionality with independent relative tempo options

•    An audio looper with 32 MB of storage memory providing a total of up to 44 seconds of recording time

•    2 standard modes of operation

•    A multitude of extra programmability options via the LCD menu

•    External switch and expression pedal inputs for more control options

•    All basic delay and reverb parameters can be adjusted via dedicated control knobs for fast and easy adjustment on the fly

•    8 banks with 3 presets on each, providing a total of 24 preset spaces

•    Midi programmable

•    Full stereo inputs and outputs

•    Adjustable Global EQ settings, input and output levels for easy integration and great results with all different kinds of instruments and setups


 ✓ 12 month warranty. ✓ Free shipping Australia wide. ✓ 30day money back satisfaction guarantee

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