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  • 4/4 Size Violin Stentor Conservatoire II SR1560U

    4/4 Stentor SR 1560 Conservator II Violin  Stentor SR1560 Conservatoire II 4/4 Violin Outfit, solid spruce top, solid maple body, ebony pegs/fretboard/chinrest, Wittner tailpiece, Pirastro thomann strings, includes rectangular case and bow.

  • Ashton Saxophone SX10

    Ashton Saxophone SX10

    It’s lacquered brass body looks great and it comes complete with a neck strap to keep it in place while you’re playing.   Setting the benchmark for student brass and wing, these comprehensie instrument packages come with all the...

  • Ashton Violin Outfit

    Ashton Violin Outfit

    The perfect beginners violin.  At Magpie Music we are able to assess the size of the student and match them to the correct size violin should you need. A younger child may need a 1/4 or 1/2 size whereas an older child or adult may require a 3/4 or...

  • Flute Ashton FL10

    Flute Ashton FL10

    A classically styled silver-plated flute crafted in the key of C. Perfect for any budding flautist, it comes complete with a carry case to protect it on the way to lessons as well as a cleaning rod and cloth to keep it looking and sounding as good as new...

  • Nuvo Dood

    Nuvo Dood

    The Nuvo DooD is a mini single reed instrument and is the perfect stepping stone between Recorder and Clarineo. It has a mellow clarinet-like sound and plays a full octave from middle C plus a few extras! The kit includes long-lasting synthetic Nuvo...

  • Nuvo Toot

    Nuvo Toot

    Nuvo Toot is an innovative instrument for beginner flute players who may not be able to understand the basics of embouchure and blowing technique. So the toot is great for learning finger positions and scales and makes it easier to step up to a "real"...

  • Yamaha Soprano Recorder YRS-24B

    Yamaha Soprano Recorder YRS-24B

    One of the most popular recorders in the world. Easy to play, perfect for schools In Key of C Baroque System ABS Resin 3 piece construction Cotton case + fingering chart included.  

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