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Snark ST-2 Clip-on Chromatic Tuner

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Snark Releases the WST2 Clip on tuner to kick off 2017.

The Snark ST-2 promises a Brighter Clearer display and better battery life than its predecessor the WSN2.

The Snark ST-2 is a super tight chromatic tuner Clip-On all instrument tuner and visual metronome with tap function. Featuring a high resolution, full colour LCD needle display screen that can be read from any angle. Pitch shift 415-466Hz. transpose function down to four flats. Tunes by high sensitivity vibration sensor or built in microphone aided by Snark's new super fast chip. Power saver and auto off feature. Takes a single CR2032 battery (included). Soft touch finish.

Snark WST2 is red 

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